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Action Required


They’re at it again, trying to take away your 2nd Amendment & Article 2-a rights!! They want to prohibit the open carrying of firearms in a public building!


Representative  Delamar D. Burridge, of Keene, NH  (352-5363) is the prime sponsor of H-2196-R ( legislative service request, language of bill not yet available) a bill to take away your rights!!!

Call the members of the  House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee  and ask them to vote ITL (inexpedient to legislate on this bill) tell them that you do not care what the “final” language of this bill says, any restriction on your rights is not acceptable that you will be watching this bill, and watching how they vote on this bill.

 Call your Representatives and tell them that you do not care what the “final” language of this bill says, any restriction on your rights is not acceptable, and to vote no on this bill if it reaches the house floor for a vote. Find your Representative at:  Who's my legislator? 

(Posted 09/29/2009)



       Congress is moving closer to a showdown over the largest expansion of government in human history -- a bill which would require virtually every single American to buy government-approved health insurance, whether they wanted it or not. And, in the process, that bill would feed all of your most confidential medical data into an enormous database, which could be used to take away your guns.

       Once a year, the 1974 Budget Act allows Congress to pass a bill -- solely for the purpose of balancing the budget -- and that bill cannot be filibustered in the Senate. Hence, it can be passed with only fifty Democratic votes (plus the vice president), without any Republican support. This is the bill the Left Wing Democrats want to use to create the gigantic government health program and the anti-gun database.

       Budget Chairman Conrad stabbed us in the back, just as we predicted he would.


       The conference report gives Senate and House Republicans until September to capitulate and agree to pass the anti-gun database and $10,000+ health mandate. And, if they do not, the Left Wing Democratic leadership will pass their own bill with 50 Senate votes -- and no Republicans.


      And, incidentally, when we say “anti-gun database," we mean that everything your kid told his pediatrician about whether you have a gun collection will be searchable by the government. And people with Alzheimer's, ADHD, and other disorders will begin losing their gun rights just as quickly as the veterans -- who have seen the ramifications of being on a government database.





(1) Contact your senator senator And representative.   Ask them to vote against the "fraud scheme" which the budget resolution conference report has become.


(2) Contact Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

Tell him that since Pelosi has resolved to take away all of our rights through a massive and corrupt health care fraud schemer he should resist calls to certify comedian, tax cheat, and Minnesota Senate candidate Ai Franken as the 59th Democratic senator.


(3) Contact Republican Senators Bob Bennett, Mike Crapo, Lindsey Graham, Arlen Specter and Judd Gregg. Tell them to remove their names from S. 391, Left Wing Senator Ron Wyden's bill to require Americans to purchase government-approved insurance and, like its Massachusetts model, feed insurance information into a massive anti-gun government database.




       The budget resolution conference report would set the stage for legislation to require virtually every American to purchase government-approved health insurance. And it would use government control over health insurance to require providers to feed our most confidential medical data into an anti-gun government database.


       When I say "anti-gun database", I mean that everything a kid tells his pediatrician about his dad's gun collection will be searchable by the government. And people with Alzheimer's, ADHA, and other disorders will begin losing their gun rights just as quickly as the veterans -- who have seen the ramifications of being on a government database for the last decade.


       The budget resolution was sold to the Senate under a lie. Senators were told that the Senate version contained no "reconciliation instructions" when, all along, Budget Chairman Kent Conrad intended to immediately capitulate in conference.


       Please show that lying and fraud are still sometimes unacceptable in the Senate. Please vote against the budget resolution conference report.



Dear Governor Pawlenty:


      Nancy Pelosi has just announced the biggest and most audacious fraud scheme in human history.


She intends, through the "reconciliation process," to put the government in the business of mandating that every American buy government-approved health insurance, whether they want it or not -- and of using these government approved policies to feed Americans' most confidential health information into a massive (anti-gun) database.


Under the circumstances, it is time to play hard ball.

Please start by refusing to certify comedian, tax cheat, and Minnesota Senate candidate Al Franken as the 59th Democratic senator.



Dear Senator


In connection with S. 391 -- the Wyden-Stabenow individual insurance mandate -- apparently some people are under the delusional notion that this bill is something other than the biggest government interference in the private sector in human history.


       This crazy bill would put government bureaucrats in the position of dictating the contents of virtually every insurance policy in America -- with the 601e conspicuous exception of unionized industries with collective bargaining agreements.


       Make no mistake about it: S. 391 sets a floor for benefits -- a floor which seems likely to require millions to lose their homes and businesses in order to pay for its $10,000+ demands.


      But the bill sets no ceiling. And the massive cost will only be known when state bureaucrats end up setting all the specifications of the creepy HAPI Plans (pronounced "happy plans").


       So, for most struggling uninsured middle-income Americans, this welfare tax -- masquerading as an "insurance program" -- will bring economic devastation.


       Just as an example, any health insurer who fails to pay for abortions (including late-term abortions) under the supplemental insurance requirements of section

111(b) (3) will not be allowed to provide "happy plans" to individuals or quasi-"happy plans" to non-unionized employers -- and will surely go out of business.


       But, even worse, there is nothing to stop a majority of states from promulgating standards requiring all individuals and non-union employers to pay for abortion insurance. The abortion debate will effectively be ended -- with government-enforced abortion-an-demand in most of the country.


       The Senate has already stuck us with TARP without reading it beforehand -- and then tried to explain that they didn't foresee that its open-ended provisions would be implemented with open-ended recklessness.


       Please do not make the same mistake again, And, in particular, please do not saddle America with a massive open-ended bill under S. 391 -- and then try to tell us you aren't responsible for its failure to specify costs or terms.


      In short, please remove your co-sponsorship from S. 391.


Legislative Hearings Underway!


THURSDAY, April 23, 2009, 11:00 am Legislative Office Building Room 306 (33 N. State Street, Concord, NH 03301)   NH General Court

SB 132 as amended by the Senate would essentially abolish the Fish and Game Commission dissolving the agency and giving the Department of Safety (New Hampshire State Police) jurisdiction and control over Conservation Officers. We have no idea what will happen to license fees and game management practices. This bill proposes to create a 16 member commission with the commission members to be appointed primarily by unelected bureaucrats. This move would also give Fish and Game only one vote of 16 with the other 15 commissioners primarily appointed positions.

Why do you care if you don’t fish or hunt? Well, MANY regulations pertaining to firearms and their use come under Fish and Game Regulations, or have been generated by the Fish and Game Commission as a means of regulating hunting and fishing. Having 15 potentially anti-hunting anti-firearm individuals setting seasons, deciding limits and making other decisions pertaining to New Hampshire Wildlife will be a disaster and a slow death for the New Hampshire way of life. Remember, the sound of shooting is the sound of freedom! GO-NH, Inc. http://gonh.org/

If you cannot attend, Please call and/or email the committee Members and sponsors of the bill Sponsors, and ask them to remove the Fish and Game Commission from this bill.

Follow the current status of the this bill by clicking here.

Docket of SB 132

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