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Gun owners of New Hampshire doesn’t usually spend time bragging about our ever vigilant efforts pertaining to gun owners’ rights, however the recent series of events surrounding the town of Londonderry’s Pistol/Revolver License to carry application and the “me too gun groups” require comment. Please see the letter and comments that follows: Letter from Londonderry Town Councilor.


             Prior to GO-NH, Inc. discussions with Londonderry Town Councilor Paul DiMarco, GO-NH apprised Assistant Commissioner Earl Sweeney of the issue. It has been a few years since GO-NH had sent a letter to all NH Chiefs outlining “the only forms to be used for LTC application” and describing lawful licensing procedures, "Licensing entities setting a law abiding example under RSA 159", GO-NH made the front page of Articulable Suspicion in an article entitled “Penny for her Thoughts!”.


            Despite what you may have heard, GO-NH, Inc. meets and consults with public officials at all levels, commissioners, governors, mayors, the attorney general, NH State Representatives & Senators, United States senators & United States representatives, local officials including police chiefs from time to time throughout the year to inform, educate, and hopefully resolve firearm related issues before they escalate.


Although GO-NH approached Londonderry town officials to resolve this issue, we believe that the communication from Assistant Commissioner Earl Sweeney to the Londonderry Police Department served to reinforce our position (thank you Assistant Commissioner Sweeney!).


            Once again be assured that GO-NH is ever vigilant, and looking out for your gun rights as we have for the past 30+ years. We often resolve the issues without fanfare on a personal level, and if that doesn’t work you will hear from us with the Minute Man Alert.

Let the other guys spend time grabbing headlines; we will be quietly getting the job done!   


Posted 11/20/2009 

Man Fired for Looking at Gun Web Sites

Read about it at CBS News Blogs: "Taking Liberties"

The Armed Citizen

Kudos to The Union Leader for publishing True Stories from 'The Armed Citizen', with permission from the NRA on their editorial page.

(Posted 10/02/2009)


GO-NH Round Up

On Tuesday, March 17, 2009, GO-NH held its annual membership ROUND-UP with great success. Standing room only at the Concord Holiday Inn ballroom! Great speakers such as N. H. State Representative Welch, Mike Langdon with Friends of the NRA and Nationally recognized guest on radio talk shows and NH Pro Firearms Attorney and advocate Penny Dean, (who earned her and J.D. and LL.M. from Franklin Pierce Law Center, her BA in Justice, Morality and the Constitution from James Madison College at Michigan State University. Attorney Dean is licensed to practice law in all federal and state courts in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the D.C. Circuit and the United States Supreme Court. Attorney Dean is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Hunter Safety Instructor, Range Safety Officer and a Lethal Force Institute I, II, and III graduate).


There were free raffle give-aways from donated prizes (You missed it!  Don’t worry, we will be giving away a great door prize at our monthly meetings the 3rd Tuesday of each month-please join us). We had an open forum with a free exchange of ideas and information on firearms law to help keep law abiding firearms owners out of trouble.


For future meetings we plan to show short “movie clips” pertaining to civil rights and firearms ownership and have question and answer periods afterwards.


Like all 2nd amendment organizations in this country right now, GO-NH realizes we are at a crossroads in this country. Many likeminded people say “I'm a member of the NRA”, or other group (which is great, but the NRA works on the national level and GO-NH educates and inform individuals on the State level). GO-NH, Inc. meets monthly. As a member, you vote annually to elect the leadership and have a say in how things get done.  If we are to maintain our freedom loving way of life, YOU must act. Education and information is the key. We want and need more members.  We are all busy, but each letter you send, each call you make MATTERS, and joining us allows us to keep YOU informed as to what is happening in the Live Free or Die State. To join GO-NH via credit card, call 603-225-4664 (225-GO-NH), or print out an application and mail with a check or credit card information, you’ll be glad you did!


Photos from the event


GO-NH Provides Grant to Hunt for the Hungry

On Tuesday, October 21, the Gun Owners of New Hampshire Board of Directors provided a $1,000 grant to the New Hampshire Food Bank in support of the Hunt for the Hungry program.

Gun Owners of New Hampshire is partnered with the New Hampshire Food Bank and the Department of Fish & Game in Hunt for the Hungry, which Gun Owners of New Hampshire volunteers helped to establish years ago.

Last year, New Hampshire hunters donated a record-shattering 3,288 pounds of wild game meat, almost triple the 2006 total, providing essential and nutritious protein to the Food Bank's inventory to supply 350 food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and group homes statewide.

Due to the overwhelming growth of the program and the increasing costs and need in these tough economic times, GO-NH provided the grant to support the expenses of the program, and is working with the Food Bank to help insure its continued success in 2008.

If you wish to donate part or all of your kill to the Food Bank, or volunteer your time or services for the program, please contact fellow hunter and program coordinator Michelle Garron via e-mail or at (603)669-9725 ext. 112.

If you would like to donate money to the cause of fighting hunger in New Hampshire, or become a Freedom From Hunger monthly donor, follow this link.

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